About this web site


Gaisma website provides sunrise, sunset, dusk and dawn times for thousands of locations all over the world. Sun data is shown in table format for selected dates and as a graph for the whole year. Possible daylight saving times are taken in the account.


Almost all locations have been picked algorithmically and it is possible that some important locations are missing while a few not so important locations are featured. Please contact if you find missing or incorrect data.

Geospatial data sources

Solar energy and surface meteorology data sources

Altitude data


Sunrise and sunset calculations are based on the algorithms shown on National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Earth System Research Laboratory web site. For latitudes less than 72° north and south, accuracy is approximately one minute. For latitudes greater than 72° north or less than 72° south calculations are accurate to within 10 minutes.

What does "Gaisma" mean?

"Gaisma" is a Latvian word, meaning "light".